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"Travel to Survive"

Welcome to my homepage.


My name is Stig Hartkopf, adventurer by heart, independent filmmaker/documentarist.

Over a period of more than 20 years I have travelled the world on a bicycle, recording people and events on camera.

The result has been 12 stunning documentaries, broadcasted on TV all around the world.


Australia - New Zealand - Fiji - Russia/Transsiberian Railroad - Mongolia 

China - Vietnam - Cuba - Haiti  - Dominican Republic - Faroese Islands 

Iceland - Greenland - Israel


All along I do film/photo lectures. Hoping to teach you about the real world out there, and inspiring you to follow your own dreams. Subjects can be specific countries, the life and people, traveling and learning, my experiences, real adventure.

Right now I concentrate my energy on lectures. 

Please contact me for more information about films, lectures, prices.

Mobile : 81196421    Mail :

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